Friday, 25 July 2014


Recently I've been finding it difficult shopping, I can never find anything I like. Only until I look online and find everything. The one thing I love about online shopping is that you are able to find unique items, compared to going onto mainstream shops and sites. I'm a massive fan when it comes to online shopping. Sometimes it's just easier when your having a lazy day and not in the mood to walk around shops (which I'm always like).

So, I thought I would share some of my favourite online sites, both clothing and accessories.

Asos is in my top favourites. I love how there are so many bands involved in one site. The site provides different styles for every individual, which I think is great. It gets a bit boring seeing the same clothing everywhere. Asos allows an individual to express their sense of style through the range of brands and inspiration they give. This site is great for students because of the 10% discount. Also, Asos  consistently do further promotional codes, whether that be 20% or 25% on special occasions.

Motel rocks is a great site for someone who is into bright and awesome printed clothing. Your unlikely to see these patterns and the use of colours used on other sites. If you love clothes that are a bit more out there and out of your safe zone, then this is the site for you. Its greats for students as they get 20% discount.

Nastygal is a site that I've only been recently introduced to myself, and it is now in my favourites! There's clothing for all occasions. Majority of the time, I literally scroll through the pages and want everything. Their clothing and accessories have a different edge rather then the same old things you normally see in every shop and site.

Shopdixi have some amazing jewellery. It's very vintage/festival inspired. I absolutely LOVE all their items. It sometimes a bit pricey, though the quality of the jewellery shows that it is worth buying.

So guys these are some of my top sites, check them out if your interested... x

Monday, 21 July 2014


Hello... IM BACK (and very jet lagged). If some of you did not know, I've been on holiday for the past 10 days celebrating my mums 50th birthday in Mexico, Cancun. It was amazing, had such a great time. The weather was insane! It was always hot but very humid.

We arrived at our hotel which was beautiful. We went for an all inclusive package because we knew we would spend most of our time at the hotel. They had serval different restaurants to visit, such as Italian, mexican, French and Asian cursin. We tried them all, they were all great.

When it comes to holidays, Im that person that has to be doing something at all times. I can't spend most of my time being at the pool or at the beach for more then one day. I always think that if you go to another country this is your only time to explore and see different cultures. Though my issue was that my family are completely different to me, they enjoy a chilled out holiday, bit irritating (sad face). Im sorry to those who enjoyed a chill out holiday, but I can never handle it. I love to explore, which makes me think of some ideas for the future. Like maybe one day I would try backpacking.

Even though for the majority of the holiday we chilled by the pool/beach, we did do some trips around Mexico.

We took a taxi ride into Mexico city to do a bit of shopping, but to be honest, it wasn't so great. I was hoping that it would be more cheaper, but I was wrong. Majority of things were even more expensive then in the UK, which was a disappointment.

We also booked an excursion to drive through the jungle in jeeps, and to travel around the sea on speed boats to see dolphins, sea turtles and crocodiles in their natural habitat. It was pretty cool! We had a chance to do some snorkelling in the reefs, but I was too scared. Ive always wanted to do snorkelling but never have the guts too. Lastly, before stopping for some food, our tour guides took us to a beach with clear blue sandy water (it was an amazing view).

The nightlife in Cancun is crazyyyy! We went to a club called Coco Bongo one night. Its an entertainment  place and a club at the same time. They do shows like Michael Jackson impersonators to hip hop and rave music. Its very unique, it was a different atmosphere to different clubs. I loved it! I would most definitely go again.

I had such a great holiday, it was nice to go and explore different countries. I got to see some incredible views and beaches, try different foods and visit some places. The only down side to it was the horrible heat rash I got all over my arms and the amount of mosquito bites I got. BUT... I would definitely go back and recommend going to Mexico, its such a beautiful place.

Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I'm flying to Mexico for a family holiday tomorrow (super excited woo). So I thought I would tell you some of my travel essentials when travelling.

  •  I can not leave without my headphones! I could literally put in my headphones and listen to music forever. How amazing would that be? No need to worry about anything (you can only dream). 
  •  My passport. If I want to fly I'm definitely going to need that, otherwise I will be stuck in England! 
  • Water is a key thing for me lately. I've been feeling more refreshed now that I'm drinking water everyday. 
  • Sunglasses are just my key accessories in the summer season!
  • I cannot, I repeat, cannot live without my phone. I'm addicted to it and I can never let it go. It comes with me everywhere and I mean everywhere.
  • Ive been using this simple eye roll on, to keep my eyes more refreshed and awake. I definitely saw some improvement and now this little bad boy comes with me everywhere.
  •  Moisturiser is always needed when going on long flights because it will help to keep your skin looking hydrated.
  • I suffer from dry lips, so when starting to use Carmex, i saw a massive difference. I use it all the time,  and it never leaves my sight.
  •  Lastly, my laptop is coming with me, so I can prepare for future blogs (obviously). 
I  will try and post during my holiday, but there is no guaranty. If not, I will post in the next 2 weeks, but will definitely have loads in store for you guys! See you soon x 

Sunday, 6 July 2014


Festivals have become an obsession of mine recently. Since only going to my first one last year, I realised how much I love them. The atmosphere and energy around me gets me so hyped up, and always keeps me in a good mood throughout the day.

On Saturday, I went to wireless with my two older sisters. I had such an amazing time. The weather was a bit all over the place, but luckily there was no heavy rain. I got to see some talented artists, such as Kanye West, Rudimental, Wiz Khalifa, Labrinth and so on.

When it comes to festivals, I love to dress up and go all out. When going to festivals, you get the chance to see everyones indivdiual personality shine through their fashion sense. It gives myself some inspiration and ideas with my own outfits.

Two piece outfits are very on trend this season, so for my outfit, I decided to go for a floral blue two piece outfit from Asos. Matching it with a bomber jacket and a pair of black converse, which I then accessorised it with a backpack, a pair of sunglasses and a few rings.

Thursday, 3 July 2014


I've been contemplating on whether to start up a blog or not, but now I've finally decided I would give it a go.

First of all let me introduce myself.

Hi! My names Mandy, Im 19years old. Im currently at University in Manchester, studying Education Studies.

There is no real structure has to what I want my blog to be like. It is more of me sharing my experiences and expressing my opinions on anything.

Hope you enjoy it x