Friday, 25 July 2014


Recently I've been finding it difficult shopping, I can never find anything I like. Only until I look online and find everything. The one thing I love about online shopping is that you are able to find unique items, compared to going onto mainstream shops and sites. I'm a massive fan when it comes to online shopping. Sometimes it's just easier when your having a lazy day and not in the mood to walk around shops (which I'm always like).

So, I thought I would share some of my favourite online sites, both clothing and accessories.

Asos is in my top favourites. I love how there are so many bands involved in one site. The site provides different styles for every individual, which I think is great. It gets a bit boring seeing the same clothing everywhere. Asos allows an individual to express their sense of style through the range of brands and inspiration they give. This site is great for students because of the 10% discount. Also, Asos  consistently do further promotional codes, whether that be 20% or 25% on special occasions.

Motel rocks is a great site for someone who is into bright and awesome printed clothing. Your unlikely to see these patterns and the use of colours used on other sites. If you love clothes that are a bit more out there and out of your safe zone, then this is the site for you. Its greats for students as they get 20% discount.

Nastygal is a site that I've only been recently introduced to myself, and it is now in my favourites! There's clothing for all occasions. Majority of the time, I literally scroll through the pages and want everything. Their clothing and accessories have a different edge rather then the same old things you normally see in every shop and site.

Shopdixi have some amazing jewellery. It's very vintage/festival inspired. I absolutely LOVE all their items. It sometimes a bit pricey, though the quality of the jewellery shows that it is worth buying.

So guys these are some of my top sites, check them out if your interested... x

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  1. I also think thant online shopping is wayyy more fun, especially when the package arrives :)
    But one thing that I don't really like is that I can't try on the items and see how they look on me, but it's okay, with a couple of measuraments I am good to go :)
    Never heard of Motel Rocks, I will check it out.