Wednesday, 9 July 2014


I'm flying to Mexico for a family holiday tomorrow (super excited woo). So I thought I would tell you some of my travel essentials when travelling.

  •  I can not leave without my headphones! I could literally put in my headphones and listen to music forever. How amazing would that be? No need to worry about anything (you can only dream). 
  •  My passport. If I want to fly I'm definitely going to need that, otherwise I will be stuck in England! 
  • Water is a key thing for me lately. I've been feeling more refreshed now that I'm drinking water everyday. 
  • Sunglasses are just my key accessories in the summer season!
  • I cannot, I repeat, cannot live without my phone. I'm addicted to it and I can never let it go. It comes with me everywhere and I mean everywhere.
  • Ive been using this simple eye roll on, to keep my eyes more refreshed and awake. I definitely saw some improvement and now this little bad boy comes with me everywhere.
  •  Moisturiser is always needed when going on long flights because it will help to keep your skin looking hydrated.
  • I suffer from dry lips, so when starting to use Carmex, i saw a massive difference. I use it all the time,  and it never leaves my sight.
  •  Lastly, my laptop is coming with me, so I can prepare for future blogs (obviously). 
I  will try and post during my holiday, but there is no guaranty. If not, I will post in the next 2 weeks, but will definitely have loads in store for you guys! See you soon x 

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