Sunday, 6 July 2014


Festivals have become an obsession of mine recently. Since only going to my first one last year, I realised how much I love them. The atmosphere and energy around me gets me so hyped up, and always keeps me in a good mood throughout the day.

On Saturday, I went to wireless with my two older sisters. I had such an amazing time. The weather was a bit all over the place, but luckily there was no heavy rain. I got to see some talented artists, such as Kanye West, Rudimental, Wiz Khalifa, Labrinth and so on.

When it comes to festivals, I love to dress up and go all out. When going to festivals, you get the chance to see everyones indivdiual personality shine through their fashion sense. It gives myself some inspiration and ideas with my own outfits.

Two piece outfits are very on trend this season, so for my outfit, I decided to go for a floral blue two piece outfit from Asos. Matching it with a bomber jacket and a pair of black converse, which I then accessorised it with a backpack, a pair of sunglasses and a few rings.

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